//The Legacy Of The Fisherman Style

The Legacy Of The Fisherman Style

It seems as though the fashion industry always makes it way back to utilitarianism trends for the Autumn/Winter seasons, grasping onto all walks of workwear styles. This AW18 is about obtaining the fisherman’s style. This might sound odd to begin with, however, it’s not far from what we see most winters such as knitted sweaters and beanies. One great thing about embracing the fisherman’s style is that the clothing is fit for purpose and is generally built to last.

As previously mentioned, workwear trends in fashion are nothing new. Fashion has been romanticising agricultural life year after year from our urban surroundings. It is important to note that although to you, your clothes may be a trend but to others, your clothes symbolise a hardworking physical profession. This being a key reason why workwear trends are often shamed, nevertheless you must keep it respectful, wearing the fisherman’s style is less about appropriation and more about appreciation.

You may not have ever thought, but fisherman clothing has always had an element of fashion hidden amongst their salopettes. Along some of the coastlines, a few fashion-conscious fishermen would fight to be the best dressed, picking out bright colours and patterns for their workwear. In the city today, the trend has been toned down. The urban fishing style is made up from predominantly olives, beiges, browns, and navy, sticking to the traditional ideas of what the inner city crowds think fishermen wear. Taking a perspective on their vision of fisherman style, Margaret Howell’s AW18 collection showcases their take on the trend in a mature and indirect manner. The AW18 lookbook is wrapped in olive and dark brown scarfs, and flap pocket jackets – a true notion to workwear fashion.


Fisherman’s style is made to be humble, just like the humble fishermen themselves. The straight trousers and the thick jumpers and coats make it an easy style to wear. Fit for all body shapes and sizes, the trend works for everyone. The turned up trousers are perfect for the autumn season bringing practicality with fashion. The wide-leg trouser is nothing new to this year’s trends, which make them perfectly glide into the next season, seen in almost every shop window, you can pick a pair up in every colour. The versatile style can be worn in a variety of ways and the trousers work well with a plain t-shirt to a flap pocket jacket. Keeping you looking smart, modest and most of all, humble.

Cable knit jumpers and cardigans are a signature of the fisherman’s style. The made for comfort jumper is another example of why this trend is so great, they don’t only look great, but they’re also snug and warm. Picking up a cable knit jumper will be a worthwhile investment too, as they will never go out of fashion, recurring each year by being incorporated to the latest winter trends. Cardigans, however, are not as popular, maybe that’s because they remind you of your history teacher back at school, but you need to look past those memories. Knitted cardigans should be appreciated more, they’re a great look for a casual day. Integrated into the fisherman’s style you can wear an oxford t-shirt underneath or a plain long sleeved t-shirt, with a wool-blend scarf making a perfect match.

The fisherman’s style embraces the character held by fisherman across the shores of the UK. The style itself depicts an essence of charm when wearing the whole ensemble. Each aspect compliments another, from a wooly hat to the leather boots. This is why you can wear the trend without looking like you are trying to make a mockery of what fisherman do as a living, but you are adopting the trend based upon their back-breaking work. Wearing the fisherman’s style you will look timeless, traditional and sharp, so wear it proudly.

There’s no reason to stick within the lines of neutral colours when putting together your look. Fisherman are known for their bright pops of colour, one colour people often think of fisherman wearing is a bold yellow rain jacket when hauling in a net of fish. So point being, there’s room to play with colours with this trend too, an easy colour to pop with any look is blue. You can add a subtle burst of colour in a beanie, ideal for winter strolls to keep you extra warm and cozy. Another colour which will bring a little more life to your outfit is burgundy. This works best for jackets, adding a burgundy raincoat for dreary days will bring your outfit together in a simple yet effective manner.

Now you know the basics of the fisherman’s style, you can try it out for yourself. Along with the clothes, the accessories and footwear are also key players in the trend. Beanies are definitely the top choice when wearing the urban adaptation of the trend, they are excellent city attire for cooler days and they solve all bad hair days. With the staples of the whole outfit mostly knitted, it is best to wear a t-shirt underneath to avoid any itchy and scratchy materials chaffing against your skin, a basic t-shirt will do, anything too fancy (such as a shirt) will take you away from the idea of the fisherman’s style. Remember it’s not about dressing up the outfit, it’s about embracing the trend for what it already is.