//Must Watch Independent Films This Winter

Must Watch Independent Films This Winter

One of the best aspects about winter is that the cold weather gives you a reason to stay wrapped up inside, and catch up on some of the great films you’ve missed out on over the past few months. It’s time to relax and self-indulge. On your own, with some friends or with your partner, it’s the doctor’s orders to spend your Sundays from now until next March binging films.

There are so many interesting and intriguing films out there that slip under the radar every year, not being watched and worst of all not getting the publicity they deserve. Whether it’s a feel-good film to lift your spirits or a horror which is going to keep you up all night, just enjoy the only time of year when it’s acceptable to say no to going out.  So, grab a blanket, a tipple of something nice and some snacks at the ready, after jam-packed summer, give into the sofa and curl up to watch something great. Here are a few ideas for your winter nights in.


Winner of the British Lion Award in 2017, Retreat is a thriller packed with suspense as a couple heads to the highlands in Scotland to look after a lodge, when one of them starts to believe that they are not alone – something else is living around the house.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

A new addition released this September based upon Emily Danforth’s novel, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, is based on a teenager struggling to find out who she really is, exploring her homosexuality in a far from liberal town, she finds herself shipped off to a Christian camp, only to find other people being denied to be their true self, just like her. Chole Grace Moretz brings forth one of her best efforts yet, playing the leading role, Cameron Post who will speak on behalf of so many who are still unaccepted and told to ‘pray away the gay’.

Assassination Nation

Yet to hit our screens, Assassination Nation is best described as The Purge meets an American high school. Journey through the lives of four high school girls living in Salem, who seek revenge after their most intimate and darkest secrets are exposed by a hacker via social media. It’s set to be released in November so be prepared for a little bit of comedy with a lot of action. Maybe it will make you think twice before sending that next text.

The Day After

One for the more curious and experienced in independent films, The Day After. Released May this year, it’s a foreign film with English subtitles. The black and white film is based on a married couples life when the wife discovers a love poem written to her husband from someone else. Her first thought is his secretary, but what mystery of infidelity and mistaken identity is found along the way? Director Hong Sang-Soo’s,  films are known for dabbling in morality and philosophy, this time around with a few gags the endearing acting plays out his perspective on an issue he finds important.

A Ghost Story

Faced with the struggles of love, loss and the unanswered questions of existence a recently widowed woman moves back to where she hopes she can find comfort when the white-sheeted ghost of her late husband follows her with a mission to reconnect in any way possible. Portraying the love between one another the film tackles the concepts of what it means to love and lose those closest to you. Released last August, this fantasy/romance film should be on your list of films to watch, you won’t regret it.