//Best of Threads: Watch Replicas, Silicon Valley Casual, and Weight Loss

Best of Threads: Watch Replicas, Silicon Valley Casual, and Weight Loss

What’s Dappered Threads? It’s our forum. Launched in 2011, Threads is a not too big, not too small, just-right-sized forum that doesn’t put up with snobbery. All thanks to the users and hardworking mods. Once a month, one of the users/mods from Threads provides us with a highlight package of the last few weeks.



joekono posed the above question, creating a bit of confusion on LesserBlackDog’s part on whether or not joekono was asking about counterfeit watches, or homages. Carlitos had a reply that seemed to hit home with several readers; replicas or counterfeits are a no-go, but homage watches are fine, since the branding is typically right on the dial, so you know it’s not a counterfeit. Hebrew Barrister chimed in saying homages aren’t really his thing, as they are blatant direct copies, but he’s fine with watches that are “inspired” by heritage brands. Shade brought up the concern that with “CC machines, 3D printing, and CAD equipment, that fakes are getting harder and harder to distinguish from the real thing.” And resident funny guy armedferret threw some humor in the mix: “I got a Folex in Kuwait back in 2006. Those 6 days it lasted before breaking were some of the fanciest ones of my deployed life.”


AE Bourbon Color - My Journey From Happiness to Disappointment & Back

mebejoseph undertook a journey of epic proportions (at least when it comes to deconstructing and reconstructing the look of a shoe) in order to alleviate the “tiger striping” that happened on his Bourbon McAllister Wingtips after several polishing’s. First came the Bourbon shoe creme, but the results weren’t great. Then came the saddle soap and Saphir Renovator to try and strip the lacquer off for more of a “walnut” look. Didn’t work. Next came a full stripping using solvents. Then came a dye that actually ended up looking like paint, so a second stripping occurred. After that, another dye job, but the tongues were forgotten. Since mebejoseph would have preferred a little more red in the dye, a third stripping occurred. Finally, he ended up with a two tone dye job that he was satisfied with, and a pair of AE’s that are completely unique!



First world problems people. cboehmer is traveling for work and his required dress code for 2 weeks is “Silicon Valley Casual,” with polos or button down’s specifically requested. In his research he found that skinny jeans and sneakers are typical, but he doesn’t want to spend hundreds on items he won’t wear after the fact. Tacitus reassured cboehmer that tech people don’t really wear skinny jeans, and Domino pointed out that “anything at all involving buttons and not just jeans and a zippered hoodie is not true Silicon Valley.” motosacto cleared things up by stating that the dress code in Silicon Valley is more about what not to wear, and the rebels intentionally dress up. There’s also something called “stealth wealth” – intentionally casual but expensive. People are weird.


Bond Peacoat

abh159  is in the market for a new peacoat. He wants something that leans more tailored, comes in navy, and is under $350. Paddington quickly chimed in with the Bond Peacoat when it can be found on deep discount. Hornsup84 suggested waiting for Bonobos to release their peacoat, while .brian. suggested Schott. Several other suggestions were made. And here is where we shamelessly (somewhat) plug our own stuff. Consider checking out the Best Looking Affordable Outerwear – Fall/Winter 2018, published only days ago on this very site!



After a summer of beer and barbecues DocDave decided it’s time to cut some weight, especially moving into the colder months when his activity typically drops off. Thus the Dappered Weight Loss Club was born. There are more than a few users that would like to lose a little weight. Fencedwall put on weight post surgery, and is looking to cut weight some weight prior to upcoming nuptials. Bobbumman is looking to cut it down to 210. If you’re in the market to lose some weight with the support of some people that might have something in common with you, consider connecting with this group of guys. You can get shoe advice at the same time.

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