//A Guide To Winter Knitwear

A Guide To Winter Knitwear

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on is that winter is the season of knitwear. But with there being so much choice out there, we’ve broken down the world of knitwear to show you how you can look your best this winter.

Looking forward to wearing wool is an understatement, now that the summer has passed us by and arctic winds are next to be gracing your rosy cheeks, a merino wool turtleneck is the next best thing to the sun. The timeless designs are going to give you handsome comfort which you can immerse yourself in, however, now redesigned in contemporary cuts you can shy away from tradition.

There are so many great brands supplying high-quality knit, YMC, Folk, Kestin Hare, and The Idle Man – there’s almost too much to chose from. This AW18, it’s all about exaggerated cuts, focusing on layering and nature being a big inspiration on colours, in particular, YMC with their autumnal colour palette.  The key to the knitwear trend is appreciating the craftsmanship and understanding its versatile nature.

The V Neck Knit

Rising in status, the v-neck sweater is making its way onto the scene again. In order to not end up looking like your old man, you need to add a little edge to a v-neck jumper. The V neckline is a statement, so it needs an outfit to match its attitude. The neckline already gives you structure at the top, meaning you can go loose at the bottom, so avoid jeans and go for a pair of trousers. For a casual look, change a shirt for a round neck t-shirt to wear underneath – you can never go wrong with a plain white tee.

With the fisherman’s trend being worn all over the streets, you can guarantee that YMC’s ribbed knit will keep you up-to-date and ready for the Autumn/Winter seasons. Their jumpers play with textures, the ribbed style for any upper half item makes a perfect match for corduroy trousers.

The Crew Neck Knit

The go-to of all knitwear, the crew neck jumper is the trusty friend of every man’s style. There’s very little that could improve this traditional piece, the adaptable jumper can be worn smart or casual at the change of a colour. Deeper tones offer a more relaxed and casual feel, whereas an off-white or camel knit, like Kestin Hare’s, expels a more effortlessly cool and charming vibe.

Wearing a beige knit can be paired with a variety of colours, for something more sophisticated opt for a darker bottom, a pair of vintage jeans or tailored trousers can bring the whole look into the evening.

The Turtle Neck Knit

Made to be layered, a turtleneck knitted jumper will bring a seductive appeal to your wardrobe. An intense choice that is truly rewardable, a stand-alone piece or a blank canvas for layering, you might have never considered a turtleneck, but now you’re going to regret your decision to not buy one. As the turtleneck already gives you a silhouette it slips under a coat or jacket flawlessly. Their ability to layer and still look flattering is why this knit will see you through Autumn and Winter, not looking puffy or bulky, it will hold to your shape and work no matter what.

When thinking of putting an outfit together you can go either way, loose or fitted trousers. For a utilitarian approach you can wear some slim fitting trousers, and if you fancy mixing up it up slightly, if you go for a standard neutral colour such as grey, you can experiment with colours on the bottom half. To top off the whole look a long tailored wool-blend jacket will give you a respectful finish.

Cardigan Knit

Believe it or not, a knitted cardigan isn’t just for your grandad, although they still have that feel to them, however, it’s more of an ironic look, rather than something you’ve actually taken out of his wardrobe. The kitted cardigan is a comfortable choice. YMC has created a vibrant standout piece, taking the simple boring cardigan to another level. Nothing screams autumn more than a burnt orange knitted number, and with the added details like the quirky wooden buttons and the varsity collar brings a sense of youth to the knit.

Bearing in mind the uneven knitted pattern and the oversized nature of this cardigan you might want to pair it with a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The jeans will pull the outfit together with a little bit of structure, or if you prefer the oversized look, then a pair of dickies work pants will be a great choice for you. Appealing to the workwear trend will bring this style into 2018.