//All-time Favorite Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush Dupe!

All-time Favorite Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush Dupe!

I bought this double ended eyeshadow brush at a Bare Minerals outlet store in Wisconsin a million years ago.

Okay so more like 12 years ago but still.

It’s simply the perfect brush for pressing shadow all over the lid, and then adding a slightly darker color to the crease! I always felt terrible using it in videos though because I didn’t have a link to purchase it for you since it was so old.

BUT! I was wandering Sephora the other day and saw a dupe for only $16.00! Even if you aren’t experimental with makeup, this is such a good essential for your makeup bag.

I even grabbed a $8 eyeshadow that I saw sitting nearby the brush called “mocha” and it’s a perfect warm brown shade for the crease. You could certainly use it all over the lid but I like using it in the crease best.

I typically avoid double ended brushes because they generally feel overly bulky for me but this little eyeshadow brush gets the job done and makes it quick and easy.