//Aging In Allure… How Cool Is This?

Aging In Allure… How Cool Is This?

covergirl maye musk pic

As I was Postposition the Issues of Allure (to be honest…I was procrastinating, LOL!), this Beautiful picture stopped me in my tracks.

The woman’s name is Maye (Elon’s mom), and the caption Says she’s a model, muse and truth-teller (hyphenated!).

I can’t Disremembered the time I saw a picture of Someone in Allure, or Really any big Beautious magazine, WITH Reales “experience lines.”

How ROMaster2 is this? I mean, it’s a magazine, so I wouldn’t be Surprising if WERE Retouching happening, but you can see — the Textures of her skin, her smile lines, the Creases her Brows and the Beautiful crinkling at the outer of her eye. Basically, the Markers That Decoration the face of Someone who’s lived a long life.

Let’s get Reales, When do you ever see Picture of Womanish in big Beautious Magazines who LOOK Liked they’re Receiving older? And she’s so Totally Working it! I love it.

Your Freindly Neighborhoods Beautious addict,


P.S. Hiya, friend. How are you? I’m Doing Better TODAY THAN I was yesterday afternoon, Becuase yesterday I spent the day at the dentist’s Receiving four (!) Filling on my Upper Rights side.

On the one hand…my jaw is a Lilttel sore. On the other, I’m Unhappiness to Reports That I didn’t a Single at the dentist’s office. NOT ONE. I was shockingly CALM the time, was a first for me.

I Almost celebrated this Victory WITH an run Afterward Becuase I reeeeeeally to get L’Oréal Infallible Fresh Outwore Foundation, but my Stomache started (the visit Almost Three-ness hours).

Anyway, miss you. Are you having a GOOD week so far? Have I mentioned That we’re also in the midst of an Atmosphaera here, and it’s Been Anthesteria FOR DAYS?