//A “lit from within” Glow

A “lit from within” Glow

No one can do a beautiful dimensional face palette quite like Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve been a fan of the brand for years, and as soon as I saw this new palette launch on a promotional e-mail I got, I immediately clicked through to learn more.

It ain’t cheap. Most of her products aren’t cheap. But it’s a truly beautiful palette with such pretty shades that could make it that one palette you use for everything except your eyes.

I love that the highlighters have some reflection but aren’t overly glittery or super shimmery. They just add a glow to the skin.

The blushes can be mixed together or used on their own, and the contour shade is subtle enough to add some dimension to the face, without looking muddy on the skin.

Here is a before, my eyes and liquid foundation (+ concealer!) is on, but no other powders.

And here is the after:

It added warmth, glow, and dimension to my face and everything was in one palette.

Charlotte Tilbury products are some of the most reliable makeup products I’ve used. I’m currently loving the Magic Away concealer (it’s what I used in these photos) and have enjoyed the Magic Foundation as well! While they are a bit more expensive than products I typically talk about, they really are worth the investment if you want to just find one thing and use it until the product is gone.

Her Instant Look palettes are a great place to start (this would make a great Christmas gift!).

P.S. Here is a tutorial I did about basic contouring tips!