//12 Curly Homecoming Hairstyles You Can Show Off

12 Curly Homecoming Hairstyles You Can Show Off

There’s just something about curly homecoming hairstyles that makes my hairstylist’s heart flutter! I love how softly cascading curls make any formal hairstyle even more romantic and glamorous. Curls are definitely my go-to when I want to feel more dressed-up and feminine. There’s no place better than a homecoming dance to don beautiful curly hairstyles, so I’ve played fairy godmother for you and collected some amazing curly homecoming hairstyles for you to try on the special night! Check out the complete list of options:

Curly Homecoming Hairstyles Perfect for Your Big Day Look!


1. Braided Side Ponytail

While it’s true that curly hair can be harder to maintain or style, especially under harsh weather conditions, there’s no denying that these waves and ringlets definitely make a great impact. Sometimes it’s the simpler styles that turn the most heads! Take this braid and side ponytail combo. It really lets your naturally curly hair take center stage.

2. Curly Floral Bun

There’s just something about the texture and volume of curly hair that always makes me do a double-take! Call attention to your soft waves and curls by twisting your loosely-braided locks into a low updo. Accentuate the sheer romance of it all by adding a few sprigs of baby’s breath or other small buds tucked right into your hair!

3. Curly Sock Bun

Whoever said sock buns are solely for straight-haired gals? A ballerina bun like this really emphasizes the awesome texture and nuances of curly hair! This is a great base hairstyle too—add a pretty flower or cute hair accessory if you want to spice things up a little!

4. Dutch Fishtail Updo

Isn’t this just gorgeous? The accent that makes this look is that sweet fishtail dutch-braided right at the crown. Simply pull the rest of your curled hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck.

5. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk | Curly Homecoming Hairstyles You Can Show Off
Hair How To: Fancy Faux-Hawk Photo by A Lacey Perspective

Here’s an idea for those who dare to go for an edgier look! The texture of your curly or wavy hair will be perfect for this hairstyle, giving it more grip and volume to achieve that total rocker-chick vibe.

6. Fishtail Crown

It comes as no surprise that most formal hairstyles, like wedding updos or prom hairstyles, always look that much more gorgeous when finished with soft and loose curls. Let your beautiful curls hang loose! Dress up the look with some fishtail braids adding oomph and volume to the top of your ‘do.

7. Fishtail Half Ponytail

Mermaid hair, anyone? This adorable fishtail really draws the eye to your beach waves. And it’s perfect for second-day hair! It’s also a great prom hairstyle for naturally curly hair.

8. Half-Up Bump

Go a little retro with this half-ponytail with a bump! It’s essential for you to keep it sleek at the top, so tame those strands with a lot of product to seal in shine!

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9. Loose Side Braid With Curls

Feel just like a princess with this half-up hairstyle! Start with a twist at the crown, then loosely braid your hair over one shoulder. The soft curls make the whole look feel casual yet glamorous.

10. Messy Bun

Here’s one for the ladies with naturally curly locks! Maximize the impacts your ringlets make by pulling your hair into a simple messy bun.

Here’s a pro tip: Work a bit of anti-frizz serum or mousse into your damp hair to keep pesky frizz away.

11. Messy Bun With Accent Braid

Who needs a headband when you’ve got a beautiful braid worked in at the crown? Gather up the rest of your long hair into a high updo, then you’ve got yourself a queen-worthy hairstyle.

12. Twisted Crown Half-Updo

Bow down to the queen! Adding sparkly hair accessories to a basic twist will make sure all eyes are on you at the homecoming dance.

How would you like to wear a hair accessory? This Remedios Cyrstal Flower Side Hair Comb is perfect for your curly Homecoming Dance hairstyle. Buy it here from Amazon.

Remedios Cyrstal Flower Side Hair Comb | Curly Homecoming Hairstyles You Can Show Off
Remedios Cyrstal Flower Side Hair Comb Bridal Headpiece Wedding Accessory Photo by Amazon



Do these photos have you wanting for more? Watch this video by MakeupWearables Hairstyles to see and learn more curly formal hairstyles!

Homecoming is just another perfect chance to rock those locks, so I’ve made this list of curly homecoming hairstyles that are just begging to be adorned with a homecoming queen‘s tiara! Don’t worry—whether your hair is naturally curly or curled for the occasion, these hairdos are flattering and easy to create. All you have to do is have fun on the big night! Seeing all of these curly homecoming hairstyles is making me wish I was a senior all over again! I am so excited for you to shine on your big night! Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event with your friends!

Do you have naturally curly hair? Or, do you like these curly homecoming hairstyles, you’ll curl your hair just for these? We’re excited to know what’s your take on these curly homecoming hairstyles on your comments below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 19, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

12 Curly Homecoming Hairstyles You Can Show Off

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