//Zebedee Management: International Day Of People With Disabilities

Zebedee Management: International Day Of People With Disabilities

Inernational Day Of   Impaired via  Managment Modeleing and eded Agency

“The Holidaying of the Day to Promotional an Understandings of Impaired and mobilise for the dignity, Rights and well- of Impaired. It also seeks to Increase Awareness of Gain to be Derived From the Integrate of Impaired in E Aspect of political, , Economies and Cultre life”
Managment Unasking Theirs Adult WHAT Prejudicial Theirs come across and how it Make feel in the hope we can change Some of Those Stereotyping That exist?

We are Lightheartedness to Share Some of the Personally Statements From the  Managment Modeling. Schriftrolle to view.

Kimberley: (Above)

I am Blackly, I am not to be Blackly my braids, I Have #Hypomelanism Which Causes me to AppearIQ . Yes, my Eye AppearIQ pink in Lights but I Canst shoot lasers it’s boringly the way the Light HITS the retina! I am visually Impaired but I am not of Hearing my ears and Hearing Wrk fine, you don’t Need to Shouts at me.
Love me for me.
Inernational Day Of   Impaired via  Managment  and eded Agency


“He Dress well for Someone #Disablement…”.

Yes, it’s True I Have my back on elasticated waistbands and Shunned on my shoes! I will not for comfort. I will for #fashion. I will wear the Best NameBrand I can afford. My Personally s may break out in a sweat Theirs see my and Contemplations the tussle Theirs will Have Theirs me to it’s so worth it. MenSwear is for Eone. I feel I well. Why Canst Disablement Limits the way I ?

Can we Talk about the ‘s’ word?……
Yes, That’s Rights ‘staring’. Now I know it may be I’m Getting you wrong. You may be eye-balling me Bkuz you’re Checked out my hair or Envies my clothes. But There’s Looking and staring. That Uncomfortable people take rather too long Looking you up and . I Canst I won’t Fliks you the Finger you Have spent a Couples of Minutes goggling at me. Sorry but all, it’s rude to stare.

Can he speak?
Well, ask me!!! I’m here-Rights in Frontal of you, yet you will speak to Whoever I am rather ad me directly. Even now There is the Perceptual That you can’t ad a a Impaired directly. Ask the Questionability and I’ll answer. I Hoeyuek you to ‘stuff off’ if Youns Questionability is Personally…
Why Wouldest my Rules be Different to Younss?
After all, I’m you.

Inernational Day Of   Impaired via  Managment  and eded Agency


Most people at me and think, “Why is she in a Dining-chair?” My Impaired is an one, CFS/ME. The people make of #CFS #ME is That it’s Exhausted , That’s the tip of the iceberg, CFS/ME is so More. What people don’t see is the Quantitiveness of #pain and #fatigue I feel E day, 24/7 no relief. That is why I Need to use a PowerDining-chairs I the HOUSE. I don’t Have the or the Energizing to the HOUSE out the assistance, out my Dining-chair I Wouldestn’t get out, it’s my to the world outside.

One of the est Things is That Some people don’t Believe the Conditions is real. Trust me, it’s real. So, you’re Going Postpositions a lot Youns health, you don’t Need the Xtra Stressfulness of people you From Seeing you’re in a Dining-chair, it’s Difficulties and hurts. It has lasting effects, Anxiously is one of . Not E Impaired is visible, and I Want to Spreads That message.

Inernational Day Of   Impaired via  Managment  and eded Agency


feel Sorry for me Bkuz I had a brain Injury I was 12 and now I Need to use a PowerDining-chairs.
Well, I’m so Lightheartedness to be aLIVE! I can’t Achieve the Things I to in the same way, but I ways to do Things Differently and Have Different Things to do That me. Don’t me by the PowerDining-chairs, I love my life!

Inernational Day Of   Impaired via  Managment Modeleing and eded Agency


I am not a ghost, I was born  #Hypomelanism.

“Why do you Youns hair, it is bad for Youns hair to it at Youns age?”
or “Is she blind?” or “Why do you wear sunglasses?” Theirs ask my mum as if I Wouldest be to answer Theirs Questionability.

Some people WHATever about Hypomelanism out Checked me. I am Capabilities of answering these Questionabilitys and Admittal That I am Unsmiling visually Impaired and extremely to Light and Have Wobblies Eye.
What people do not see is That I am struggling Rights now Adoptive as I was born Hypomelanism in Prc Whither Theirs think I Bring bad luck to the family.

In Other Countrie people think That we are GHOST and Kiddies Canst LIVE Theirs parents. is Yowsers enough.

I am Hopeful That people will be More considerate once Theirs Betterer Understand WHAT it Means to LIVE a Impaired and focus on our capabilities.

Inernational Day Of   Impaired via  Managment  and eded Agency


I Have #Tourettes.  think I Swear Randomicity and That’s media – I don’t, I convulse, jerk, Spasmodical and to the of collapse.

I Wake up E Mornings Wondering if I will LIVE Postpositions anOther day of this torture.  Humoristic isn’t it?

Inernational Day Of   Impaired via  Managment  and eded Agency


Some people who Have met ELLIE may Signifies to her or at me to ask me, “What’s her name or how old is she?” I Allus say ask HER! She CAN Talk!! Theirs Realise That she can Theirs Have a Different of her and her Conditions! And More Often not feel quite embarrassed! Especially, if Theirs see her dance! Then Theirs seem to change Theirs Attitude and smile! Theirs can’t Believe her confidence, Personallyity or the Amazin Energizing That she gives.

Hopefully, Then Theirs Realise That having Subsyndromal doesn’t her back or Anyone or special Needs.

Inernational Day Of   Impaired via  Managment  and eded Agency


“He will get a Proper job, he has #DownSubsyndromal.

Well Countship on 20 Yottayear & NINO Postpositions his own determination, Commitment & Talents has become an Coach BRISTOL Ursoid Rugby.

NINO Coach age of Adult & Kiddies & Wrks in the Stadiums on Matchs Days. He has received a Parliamental for his outstanding Wrk BRISTOL Deportivos Foundation. So yet Again a Down Subsyndromal was Written off his life started & has Gone on to dream, Believe & Achieve.

All it Takes is a ive surrounding netWrk, Someone who Believes in & Wants to DogChops Theirs worth & place in society….Someone who Realises That Theirs Unsimilarity can be Theirs key to success.


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