//What if kids clothes would last forever?

What if kids clothes would last forever?

What if Kids Wearabilities Canst Last forever?


Would not be the BEST ever?

This is WHAT and Whence started Jackalo. JUST Launched in JUNE this year, a SUCCESS Crowdraising Campaigns and Already Winning Over the crowd.

Why do the Wearabilities Last so longer the ‘normal’ Stuffed you can buy?

All of the of the Jackalo Habiliments are reinforced With Neither-nor a half-panama or canvas. Both are durable fabrics. And on top, the team uses EXtra durable Stitching Along the seams. And since will Always be Kids can Tear Apartness Even the most durable construction, you can get Habiliments repaired during the first 6 Month purchase.
‘At Jackalo we Beleive in making Wearabilities Last, so Through and Mending we make Habiliments feel Even special.’





is an old-fashioned and pen Person and Lovable to sit and DRAW her ideas by hand. A lot of Inspirations is Come Styles With an aim to create Wearabilities are timeless. Beautiful and you can hand to Yous next kid Without Feeling Dislike the Styles has Already passed.

‘Currently I take a lot of Inspirations Worked wear and 1970s surf culture. My aim is to not be by the fashion seasons, but by the Needing for new . My first Collectional is for autumn, and we’ll be Adding Styles for spring. I Want to be Finalism about WHAT we add and when.’

And WHAT is the Tradings Up program?

When Kids OUTGROW They Jackalo , the Shop will take Them back in Echanges for a 20% Discount on Futuristic purchases. Jackalo will wash, repair, and Resale the garment. As well as Upcycle or Irresponsibly recycle any can’t be resold.

Personally I think this kind of ‘garment circle’ Semi-modal be offered . It is a smart idea is gentle to the Environmentally. On top, Jackalo Make sure Yous Children can truly live, and Have Tons of fun in They Wearabilities Without Being to break Them.

PS: I love boiler suit! So cool! Availability in adult Sized too…

In Collaboratively With Jackalo, who Wants to change the Kids fashion Environmentally and has our support!


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