//The Best Girls’ Easter Dresses for the Cutest Spring Outfits of 2018

The Best Girls’ Easter Dresses for the Cutest Spring Outfits of 2018

It’s that time of the year again! Every kid is already excited about the Easter Bunny’s coming, discovering what’s in the Easter basket and gathering around the table together with their lovely family members.

You can easily make your little girl Easter a special event with a new Easter dress or outfit that is perfect for this celebration. Babies, toddlers, and even big girls deserve to get dressed in a gorgeous outfit ready to impress the Bunny and snap the cutest photos!

In this article, you will find all the suggestions you need for the fanciest spring outfits! And for a full view on what the trends look like in 2018, we created an adorable roundup featuring the best Easter dresses & outfits for girls.

Easter girls dresses

The Best Baby & Infant Girl Easter Dresses & Outfits (0 – 12 Months)

dressesgirls easter 2

Easter is a moment of celebration, so take the opportunity to pick a distinguished outfit for your infant. If this is your baby girl’s first Easter, make sure you pay attention to every little detail. Everybody will get excited about her presence, so make sure the outfit is memorable – you’re about to create some of the cutest memories, so pick something that will look great in photos!

Here are some of the best baby girl Easter dresses:


Smocked Easter Dresses – A Springlike Gown

A butterfly sleeve dress with smocking across the chest will look absolutely precious on your little girl! But don’t stop there. This type of Easter clothing for babies complements a lot of patterns, shapes, and styles.

From red, long sleeve smock dresses to floral prints, dainty baby easter outfits, they all make a fine choice for this year.

best easter dresses for babies
Baby & Infant Easter & Spring Dresses – Sophia’s Style

Embroidered Baby Easter Dresses – For a Real Princess

Embroidery – especially florals – is perfect for special occasions, as it can’t be worn on a daily basis. But on Easter, your newborn baby girl can easily be in the spotlights with a mint embroidered floral dress or a cute peach white Easter dress that will surprise everybody with its cute, gorgeous details.

best crochet-baby-infant-easter-dresses
Easter Holiday Dresses for Babies & Infants – available here, here & here


Baby Floral Easter Dresses – Spring Is Blooming

When talking about floral designs, the possibilities are almost endless. Choose from printed, embroidered, lace made or simply put flowers everywhere, including the dress’ accessories. The newborn Easter dresses are simply the cutest thing this spring!


This year, the top spring outfits for baby girls include cotton, comfortable lilac dresses, ivory lace and silk garment and alluring burgundy sashes.

Baby & Infants Floral Easter Dresses – available here, here & here

Baby Girl Easter Dresses with Patterns – Break the Monotony!

Easter is one of the happiest times of the year for many reasons. The family reunites, spring is here and nature is playing with colors again. So why not choose colorful patterns for your baby girl’s dress? With various designs, dresses with patterns are a joyous choice for the cute outfit for babies. Polka dots, stripes, and geometrical shapes are playful patterns for any kid. We really enjoyed selecting these gorgeous dresses for the Easter collection in 2018.

pattern dresses for easter and spring babies infants
Baby & Infant Girl Easter Dresses with Patterns – available here, here & here

Baby Easter Dresses with Hats & Bonnets

For an adorable baby girl, the best accessory is a funny hat or bonnet. This kind of accessories is ideal for a festive Easter. You can add a bonnet for the church, family brunch and even for the Easter egg hunt. Find the cutest option for your infant from our selection!

Baby & Infant Girl Easter Dresses with Bonnets – available here, here & here

Baby Easter Dress with a Jacket – For a Cold Day

Just in case spring is still around the corner this Easter, choose a stylish jacket or coat that will still say it’s time for celebration.

A vintage baby easter coat with a bonnet or a classic black bolero will keep your baby warm and chic. You can also use it for future outfits, too.

jacket for baby infant easter
Baby & Infant Girl Easter Jackets – available here, here & here

Long Sleeve Baby Easter Outfits

For your baby princess, you should put comfort first. There is no problem if this Easter you prefer a long sleeve dress. They are as fashionable as the ones with no sleeves.

There are many options to choose from. We got our eyes on a two pieces outfit and few dresses with marvelous prints and details like dazzling lace.

easter outfits long sleeves babies infants
Long Sleeve Baby Easter Outfits – available here, here & here

Easter Toddler Girls Easter Dresses & Outfits (1 – 3 Years)

This is when the adventure starts! Picking an outfit for a toddler can be difficult, especially if she already has a fashion taste. But don’t worry. We got you covered with the best Easter gowns for your little fashionista. We grouped together the best toddler girls Easter dresses & outfits with designs that will delight even the pickiest of mademoiselles:


Beautiful Toddler Easter Dresses with Hats & Bonnets – for a classic style

She’s not a baby girl anymore, yet a bonnet will still look good on her. Pick a dress with a fancy hat or bonnet that will let her play with no stress and will keep her precious head protected.

An embroidered dress or even a modern dress with an assorted headband will make all family members adore her.

easter bonnets hats toddlers
Toddler Easter Dresses with Bonnets – available here, here & here

Toddler Easter Dresses with Sleeves – Vintage Inspiration

The spring weather is quite picky, but it has an advantage: it lets you play with the sleeve’s length. Dress her in a tutu and let everybody know she is the prima ballerina, or choose a short sleeve lace dress for a real princess look. There are vast options you can choose from nautical print, sequin stones, and glitter. Your little one will be very excited to show her outfit this Easter.

There’s not much time left until the Easter egg hunt. There will be joy, surprises and lotS of pictures, so your toddler must wear a special dress.

Toddler Easter Dresses with Sleeves
Long Sleeve Dress with Nautical Red Stripes

Express Happiness: Toddler Easter Dresses Patterns

On Spring in general, but especially on Easter, everybody shows happiness and good vibes. Let your toddler run free with her siblings in a colorful dress with a wonderful pattern.

We selected the best dresses in fashionable patterns that are just perfect for this ceremony.

dresses with patterns toddler eater & spring
Toddler Easter & Spring Dresses Patterns – available here, here & here

Smocked Dresses for Toddlers

The truth is nobody is young enough or old enough for a smocked Easter dress. Especially on Easter, when you can choose some fine embroidery with Easter Bunny or Easter eggs, a smocked dress will make your little angel feel pretty and run free in the warming sun.

Here is our selection, carefully picked for your little one:

Smocked Dresses for Toddler
Gorgeous Easter Smocked Dress for Toddlers

Gaudy Details: Long Sleeve Toddler Easter Dresses

We got our eyes on some spectacular pieces including lace and tulle. Your little girl will love it, especially if it comes in a bright color!

Long Sleeve Toddler Easter Dresses – available here & here

Girls Easter Dresses & Outfits (4 – 12 Years)

She’s already a young lady. Even though the thought of her growing up so fast crushes your heart, the best part is that she know likes to make her own choices, as she plans to impress everybody with her Easter outfits.


She can still wear a princess-like outfit and look beautiful and innocent. We selected some of the most beautiful Easter dresses for your little girl for this spring.


Cute Easter Dresses for Little Girls – Pure Happiness in One Outfit!

Choose a dreamy tulle dress for a fancy Easter this year! Or maybe your daughter wants to show it is really Easter with a floral pattern. There are many choices, decide together which one is best for her. First, take a look at all the dresses we chose for your beautiful girl.

best easter dresses big girls
Cute Easter & Spring Dresses for Girls – available here, here & here

Colorful Easter dresses for Little Girls

She probably wants her dress to be in a specific color or to have a specific cut. Maybe a girly pattern or maybe a hair accessory – in the end, it is all up to her if she wants a simple dress or an elegant outfit. We put together the best outfits inspired by all the color spring brings!

Best Easter & Spring Dresses for Girls – available here, here & here

What are the Best Colors for Easter Dresses & Outfits?

Kids love colors more than adults do. For Easter, any bright color is just perfect to incorporate in any outfit. For 2018, opt for purple, lavender, mint green and bright yellow. You can alternate, combine and play with colors, as Easter is a more versatile celebration and everybody expects to see colors. Pink and coral are always go-to shades for an adorable baby girl.

Ditch sober colors like black or brown. Your baby’s clothes should usually be colored and cheerful.

colors 2018 baby infant toddler dresses for girls
2018 Best Easter Color Dresses
Easter bunny dress

Don’t forget to browse together and shop the style she likes most.

Take a tour of all our girls Easter dresses collection and see the latest designs for babies, toddlers and big girls! And don’t forget to take a look at our Easter dresses big sale!

Happy Easter!