//The Best Back to School Backpacks for Kids You’ll Love This Season

The Best Back to School Backpacks for Kids You’ll Love This Season

They say all good things come to an end and so does the longest school break. We almost got that September ”Back to School” feeling and we’re thinking that maybe you feel the same!

With the summer holiday season coming to an end, it’s time to start searching for the best Back to School essentials. It’s a brand new year and the backpack is topping your kid’s must-haves list. With tons of choices out there, we prepared for you a list of best backpacks for elementary and middle school kids and picked some tips and tricks you should keep in mind before heading for the first bright colored school bag your kiddo loves.

What Are The Most Durable Backpacks?

When searching for the ideal backpack for your kid, the materials of the bag are important. Choose backpacks made from ballistic nylon or ripstop nylon. They look like luggage fabric, are durable and also lightweight. Durability and quality construction should be top attributes in your mind if the bag is going to last. Synthetic fabrics are more water-resistant, but if you’re more of an eco-friendly ambassador, you can choose a backpack made from natural fibers.

How To Choose The Best Kids Backpacks:

  • Choose the appropriate size. Preschoolers and toddlers need a school bag that fits and not overwhelms them and still has enough space for notebooks and books. If you want to know more about the health risks of a large and heavy backpack, check Time‘s article. 
  • Look for quality zipper pulls that zip smoothly. They will help your kid open the backpack
  • Make sure the backpack has various compartments, with both small and larger extra pockets
  • Check the backpack’s shoulder straps. They should rest comfortably on your child’s lower back.
  • Make sure the shoulder straps are curved and have some padding for your kid’s comfort
  • Look for cool backpacks with patterns, fun colors and stylish designs. Your kid will love it!

The Best Backpacks For School

Are you a schoolkid mom looking for the cutest and coolest backpacks and book bags for a fun start of the year?

We assessed a roundup of backpacks that are durable, practical and also have modern, stylish designs, suitable for every kid’s preferences. With the most adorable patterns, prints and canvas that are easy-to-clean, these kids’ backpacks are going to make the trip to school or kindergarten super-fun for kids of all ages.

Cute Backpacks

Colorful, practical and convenient. With the most adorable patterns and designs with materials that are easy-to-clean, these kids’ backpacks make going to school fun for kids of all ages. Your child’s age and preferences are at hand and you have plenty of options to choose from!

Explore our models here: Blue Cupcake Backpack, Frog Face School Backpack.


Cool Backpacks

Whether your child likes a geometrical theme or pattern, hearts or cool written words all over it, you’re sure to find a kids backpack that will make him or her really happy with the new asset.


Explore our models here: Tribal Print BackpackDancers Doodle Backpack.


Pink Backpacks

Pink is a happy color and little girls love it! Plain pink, with pink animals or fun cat ears attached to the backpack, you can find a variety of pink school bags for middle-school kids and toddlers.

Explore our models here: Pink Polka Dots BackpackPink Owl BackpackPink Animal Print Backpack.

Explore our models here: Cute Bear Backpack, Pink Horse Backpack, Fluffy Poodle Backpack

Mesh Backpacks

Mesh backpacks are easy to clean and are also water-resistant. It’s a safe choice if your kid likes to play a lot outside, on his way back home.

Explore our models here: Camouflage BackpackPeach Bungee BackpackGray Orange Backpack.

Cheap Backpacks under 50$

Cheap backpacks don’t need to be plain or ugly. With various patterns and colors, you can find cheap backpacks that can still be an impressive piece in a school kid garderobe.

Explore our models here: Blue and Pink Spots BackpackTriangle Print BackpackPink Ballet Shoes Backpack.

Stylish Backpacks

If your kid is more stylish than most of the adults around here and also picky, a cheerful and multicolor backpack is sure to get his or her attention.

Explore our models here: Convertible Tote Backpack

Roller Backpacks

Rolling backpacks are convenient and also a practical choice, even if your kid’s school bag is heavy or not. Remember that not every path he or she walks on will be straight so he will have to be able to carry it when there’s no way to roll it around.

Explore our models here: Lady Bug Roller BackpackMonkey Roller BackpackPink Teddy Bear Roller Backpack.

Canvas Backpacks

With great designs and colors, even with minimalistic patterns, keep the canvas backpacks for the sunny weather. You sure don’t want your kid’s backpack to take an involuntary bath with all the school pencil case, lunch or other items inside.

Explore our models here: Chic Canvas BackpackGiraffe Canvas Backpack.

Floral Backpacks

They are evergreen backpacks for girls and will be much appreciated by a cheerful kid that likes colors and many little pockets with flowery designs.

floral backpack for girls
Cute Floral Backpack

Explore our models here: Cute Floral Backpack


Backpacks for Girls

Explore our models: Pink Giraffe Backpack


Backpacks for Boys

Explore our models here: Blue Orange Dino Backpack, Green Durable Backpack, Transportation Backpack

How To Clean Kids’ Backpacks and Book Bags

  1. Empty the backpack and check all the pockets for things your little one forgot to get out
  2. Fill a bath with warm water
  3. Use detergent-free soap and add it to the warm water
  4. Scrub the bag with a soft piece of fabric and insist on the dirty areas
  5. Let it dry naturally 

Where Can You Get The Best School Backpacks For Kids?

We have a wide collection of backpacks and school gear for both girls and boys that will ensure you a fun start of the year. From designer backpacks to cheap school bags, we offer great value for money!

Do you already have a favorite? Time is running up and school is right around the corner, so make a list and make sure your little one has everything he needs to start the new school year with great vibes and energy! Find your inspiration here.