//Sweet 16 Dresses in 2018: a Full Guide for Both Mothers & Daughters

Sweet 16 Dresses in 2018: a Full Guide for Both Mothers & Daughters

You just started planning the Sweet 16 Party for your daughter. Because she will be the most important person of the day, and this is her first big event, everything should be on point, especially her outfit.

Read in this full guide everything you need to know about organizing a Sweet 16 party, about the best dress & crown for your daughter, and learn about the latest trends in 2018.

What Does Sweet 16 Birthday Mean

The Sweet Sixteen is an important moment in the life of the teenagers, its significance being marked by a party where family and friends gather to be together with the one that’s celebrating. Usually, girls celebrate their Sweet 16, but sometimes boys do, too.

These parties can be different from one another, there are small parties at home, but there are also big events at ballrooms, with DJs, luxurious dresses and makeup.

sweet 16
The Sweet 16 is one of the most important birthdays for a girl

Why Is a Girl’s Sweet 16th Birthday Important

For girls, 16 is the moment when they are closer to adulthood, and in the US this is the most important birthday for them.

At 16, girls are not fully adults, but at this age, most of them learn how to drive, get their first job and more responsibilities.

Almost sacral, the Sweet Sixteen marks the moment a girl leaves her childhood and enters the adulthood.

sweet sixteen
The 16th birthday marks the moment a girl enters the adulthood

Where Did Sweet 16 Come from

A Sweet 16 is a less sophisticated version of the Quinceañera, which is the party of the 15-years old girls in the Latino communities from the US and Latin America. The Quinceañera, at origins, was the moment boys became warriors and girls could become mothers.

So Sweet 16 and Quinceañera is the symbol of being presented to the community as an adult.

sweet 16 long dress
Most of the girls prefer a prom-type dress

Are Sweet 16s Still Popular in 2018

Sweet 16 is already a tradition for all the girls in the US, so the parties are still going on in 2018. Things adapt to the trends, but most of the girls are willing to organize parties for their 16th celebration.

An important moment for the girls is the shopping for the dress, which usually happens as a mother-daughter bonding time.

navy dress sweet 16
For a simple party, you can opt for a navy dress

What Is a Sweet 16 Dresses

The dress plays an important role at the party, and it is usually flamboyant, but it also depends on the theme your daughter chooses for the party.

Depending on the theme and venue, the dress can have a lot of styles, patterns, and lengths. From a princess-like dress to a casual, floral dress, they are fit for a Sweet 16 party. Even so, the dress most girls dream about is the prom-type.

Don’t worry, you won’t spend a fortune for the dress if you know where to buy it from.

princess-like sweet 16 dress
This short Sweet 16 dress will still make your girl feel like a princess

The Sweet 16 Outfit Is Not Just About the Dress

There are other traditional elements that are usually gifted to the girl during the ceremony:

  • The tiara – meaning she is a princess before people and God
  • A cross or a medal – meaning she has faith in herself and God, and she has the power to face challenges
  • The Bible and a Rosary – meaning she will be guided by God’s word
  • A scepter – meaning power and responsibility
  • The flower bouquet
sweet 16 tiara
The tiara is part of the tradition

Where Can You Buy Sweet 16 Dresses

There are a lot of options for where can you get the Sweet 16 dress for your daughter. You can either go together at a special store, or you can go online and choose from a large variety of dresses. You can even get discounts if you know how to look for the dress and accessories.

How Much Are Sweet 16 Dresses

The price for a Sweet 16 outfit varies depending on the theme of the party, the length of the dress, and so on. You can find dresses for 1,000$, but you can also buy gorgeous dresses with only 50$.

Here, at Sophia’s Style, you will find designer Sweet 16 dresses for your girl at small prices. There are gorgeous princess-like dresses that will only cost you 60$.

sweet sixteen floral
Floral dresses are appropriate for a small party

Can You Rent a Sweet 16 Dress

Yes, there are certain business from where you can rent the dress and return it after the party. Make sure your daughter wants to rent a dress, as you may rent it from your town and probably other girls have worn it before.

boho chic sweet sixteen dress
This Boho Chic dress is perfect for a beach party

Best Sweet 16 Dresses for 2018

Your girl would probably like to respect the tradition and also choose a fashionable gown for her big party. See what are the trends for 2018, the colors, patterns, and styles your girl will love.

Long dress or short dress

There is no rule for the length of the dress, you should choose it according to the venue. If the party happens during the day, at home or in an intimate place, a simple, short dress is just right. For a festive look, your girl can wear some glitter, or she can go with a floral pattern.

For a big party at a ballroom, there is no other perfect dress than a long one, with lots of flounces, inspiring a royal look.

red dress sweet 16
Burgundy short dress for a day party
red sweet 16 dress
Princess-like gown for the Sweet 16 party

Best Styles for the Sweet 16 Dress

The classic princess-like dress remains the most common style for a Sweet 16 party.

But there are many other styles your girl can choose, from a crop top dress to a simple cocktail dress. You can also opt for a strapless sweet 16 dress. Regarding materials, the sweet 16 dresses are usually made out of lace, satin, beaded tulle, and even sequin.

royal blue dress
Blue tulle skirt, matching lining and lace-up corset back

Gorgeous Colors for the Sweet 16 Dress

Style and colors go hand in hand with the theme of the party. Most girls prefer white, red and yellow, but you can choose from a large variety of colors for the dress.

Pink, aqua blue, royal blue and black are also common choices for the dress.

pink sweet sixteen dress
Gorgeous pink dress for the Sweet 16 party
royal blue sweet sixteen dress
Royal blue tulle dress for the Sweet 16 party

Sweet 16 Crowns and Tiaras

There is no Sweet 16 party if the girl doesn’t receive her tiara. There are various types of tiaras. Depending on the preferences of your girl, you can choose a small, subtle one, or you can go for a crown that any princess deserves.

Don’t worry about your budgets, there are many gorgeous tiaras that won’t cost you a fortune.

Find the tiaras and crowns: here, here & here.

Sweet 16 Jewelry

There is no need to buy new jewelry for this occasion, but if you want to, there are special Sweet 16 pieces of jewelry that will match the occasion.

Most common pieces of jewelry are the necklace, bracelet, and earrings, but the pieces of jewelry should be chosen according to the outfit. If your girl has an elaborated dress and a shiny tiara, other accessories should be very subtle.

Don’t forget she is only 16.

sweet 16 jewelry
Choose subtle jewelry for the occasion

Sweet 16 Makeup and Hair

When your daughter chooses her makeup and hairstyle, there are many aspects to take in consideration. The rule is to choose a natural look, as she is still young, but let her feel special and pampered on that day.

The Theme Is Very Important

When you choose the makeup and hair, they should match the theme your daughter chose for the party. Help her get the best style that goes along with the theme or is inspired by it.

Personality Matters

Your teenage girl should choose the makeup that already matches her style. Encourage her to be herself even at this important party, and allow her to be a little extra, as this may be her first experience with professional hairstyle and makeup.

makeup for sweet 16
Choose resistant makeup for the party

Do a Trial

There’s nothing new in trying the hairstyle and makeup before the event. If you want to make sure it is really the right choice for your daughter, you can test the ideas beforehand so there will be no hassle on the big day.

Make Sure the Makeup Will Be Resistant

There will be a lot of dancing involved and fun at the party, so everything must stay in place. Tell the stylist what the event is about, so she/he will use the appropriate tools and products. Primer, setting spray and hairspray will be the safety ticket of the day.

sweet sixteen hairstyle
Use strong hairspray

Sweet 16 Traditions

The Sweet 16 party is not just a moment where people gather, dance and eat some cake. The event is paved with emotional moments where the teen, family, and friends show appreciation.

The Candle Ceremony

This tradition means that there are 16 candles representing the beloved ones in your daughter’s life. Starting with her parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, and teachers. The girl says something nice about each one of them and that person come and lights a candle for the girl on her birthday cake. In the end, all the guests sing her happy birthday.

sweet sixteen birthday cake
The birthday cake moment is very special

The Father – Daughter Dance

Is the first dance of the event, where the father dances with her daughter and everybody admires them. Usually, this is a very emotional moment, and sometimes the birthday girl chooses to also dance with her mother and siblings.

Passing The Heirlooms

As the Sweet 16 means the girl becomes an adult, there is another emotional moment when she symbolically passes down her favorite toy to her younger siblings.

The Shoe Exchange And The Crowning Ceremony

At the beginning of the party, the girl wears flat shoes or sandals, but there is a moment when the father comes to his girl, removes her flat shoes and offers her the first heels in her life.

After that, the mother offers her a tiara and puts it on her head.

sweet 16 crown
There is a special moment where the mother offers a crown or tiara to her daughter

Closing Thoughts

The Sweet 16 party is an important event for both your daughter and yourself. There will be emotion and happiness, and you should be there for your baby girl becoming an adult.

Now that you know what this kind of event means and requires, you can go shopping with your daughter.

Don’t forget you don’t need to spend a fortune on her dress, tiara, and shoes.

On Sophia’s Style, you will find many outfits on a budget that will still make your girl shine during her special day.