//Sunday Styles: State Bags

Sunday Styles: State Bags

Back to school shopping never really feels complete without a  new backpack. And even though school is a month-in I am still super excited about the fun new backpacks my kiddos are carrying to class every day.

State Bags are one of my favorite brands and my kiddos have been rocking them for a while now—and we’re not the only ones. I’ve seen State Bags backpacks traipsing all over our neighborhood and throughout the city lately.

Siella is matching every outfit to her Kent bag with cool retro purple, gold, blue and silver stripes. It totally reminds me of something I would have picked in the 80’s, but Siella is much cooler than I was! Gemma is loving her Kane metallic pink bag with gold and silver straps. My favorite part of the bags is the little STATE tag emblazoned on the top because I know what it represents. I know that each of my kids backpacks provides one for a child in need and that makes me feel great.

We don’t just choose State Bags because they are cool or because they look great but because they represent giving back. I am thrilled to support State Bags because for every State bag purchased, State will hand-deliver a backpack, filled with tools for success to a local child in need.

State Bags is a proud Benefit Corporation that was founded by a Brooklyn couple and their mission is, “To make beautiful, well-made, inclusively cool product while using the power of business to give back and shift the narratives around social injustices.” I can absolutely get behind a family-run company that puts kids first and is attempting to change little lives starting with something as simple as school essentials.

Visit the State Bags website and stock up on bags for the whole family so you can give back to kids! #GiveBackPack. So simple.




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