//Summer: The Donna Summer Musical

Summer: The Donna Summer Musical

Last week my mom and I headed to the theater district to catch the new musical Summer. Summer: The Donna Summer Musical debuted last November, and has been a huge hit. I grew up listening to my parents play her music, so I was super psyched to reminisce my childhood! Following the show we went to Bond 45, a restaurant just next door, for a post-show dinner and a pleasant surprise!

The musical is based on the legendary Donna Summer and beautifully demonstrates the trials and tribulations throughout her journey to stardom. The cast is super talented and really captures Donna Summer’s beginning church choir days through to hitting the main stage.

What I really loved about the show was how it showed Donna Summer overcoming so many barriers set before her. Broadway depicts the barriers of race and gender so well in this musical and how Donna Summer was faced with both. Seeing her story of how she sang her way to the top, not letting any of these barriers stop her, was so great to see.

New York City is known for its fabulous theater district, but sometimes it’s the hidden menus or cast member meetings that make the creative experience even better! After the show, my mom and I had dinner at Bond 45. Bond 45 is an Italian kitchen and bar that has a large variety of food options, menus, and special cocktails. For show goers, Bond 45 has a special Donna Summer menu with special drinks and apps following the Broadway show. Downstairs, at their Bond Bar Below you will find Donna Summer music blaring, and most of the cast on the disco floor, we felt as though we were experiencing Studio 54!

I met the uber talented Ariana DeBose at Bond 45! She plays Donna Summer in her Disco Donna days!

Vanessa Williams was there too!

The special menu and drinks at Bond 45 were just an added bonus to the fact that we got to meet the cast of Summer: The Donna Summer Musical right at the restaurant! The entire experience was so great and tickets are still available for those wanting to engage! If you can’t make it to the show, sneak into Bond 45 for a late night dinner and dancing with the Broadway stars!

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