//Junior Bridesmaid Checklist: From What Dresses to Wear to The Wedding Duties

Junior Bridesmaid Checklist: From What Dresses to Wear to The Wedding Duties

If you want to help out your tweens get involved in the wedding as future junior bridesmaids, this guide has you both covered with tricks & tips to make everything go as smooth as possible, and still have fun in the process!

The tween girls are eager to perform their wedding dream role – wearing  making photo appeareances, interacting with the guests and walking confidently down the aisle in the most beautiful junior bridesmaids dresses.

So keep reading and discover a full checklist with everything you need to know: from what the junior bridesmaids actually do (duties & responsabilities)to who pays for the dress and if you need to match it with anything else.


What Is a Junior Bridesmaid?

A junior bridesmaid is a girl who is too old to be a flower girl and too young to be a bridesmaid – but she means a lot to you or your partner. She is the perfect candidate to be your future bridesmaid. Maybe she is a cousin, a sibling, or a close family friend.

Honor her role in your life and ask her to be your junior bridesmaid! She will love to help you before and during the wedding and she will take her role seriously.

best jr bridesmaids dress
Burgundy Pearl Tulle Junior Bridesmaid Dress

What is the Age Range for Junior Bridesmaids?

The appropriate age for a junior bridesmaid is between 8 and 16 years old.

There is no official rule for a junior bridesmaid, as it also depends on how mature the girl is and where you feel she would fit best. Follow your intuition when you decide who should be who and things will go well.

what do junior bridesmaids carry
Vintage Lace Junior Bridesmaid Dress

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Sweet Blush Floral Dress

How Many Junior Bridesmaids Should You Have at the Wedding?

There is no limit to the number of junior bridesmaids at your wedding.

You can have one, or if there are more important girls in your life, you can pair them with your bridesmaids or the younger groomsmen. This is not a rule, they can walk down the aisle with no pair, too.

Don’t’ stress too much about what the junior bridesmaids should do during the wedding. At their age, they will easily understand their duties and that this is your big day. Just show them they are important to you and that you want them to look fabulous, explain their duties and the rest will follow naturally.

Choose your favorite tweens to be your jr. bridesmaids

How Do Junior Bridesmaids Walk Down the Aisle?

Commonly, the junior bridesmaids walk down the aisle before the bridesmaids.

Do junior bridesmaids walk with a groomsman?

If you choose to pair them with the groomsmen, then they can walk down together. But it’s not a must for junior bridesmaids to have an escort, especially if you think they won’t feel comfortable.

Where do they sit during the ceremony?

During the ceremony, your Junior bridesmaids should sit at the far left of the altar, on the outer end of the bridesmaids and the farthest away from the bride.

After the celebrations, sit at the head table

what junior bridesmaids do
In the end, your junior bridesmaid should exit last, alone or with her partner.

Do Junior Bridesmaids Sit at the Head Table?

Usually, junior bridesmaids sit at the head table, together with the bridesmaids. If you consider they are too young for that, you can sit them close to their parents or at the same table with their parents.

Keep in mind the age of your junior bridesmaids and decide accordingly.

Bridesmaid vs. Junior Bridesmaid vs. Flower Girl

Bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, and flower girls are all different roles during a wedding.

They have different duties and they are in different age ranges. Bridesmaids are the oldest and have the biggest role in helping the bride before and during the wedding.

what does junior bridesmaid mean
Junior Bridesmaids can keep an eye on the flower girls

Junior bridesmaids are the girls that mean a lot to the bride but are too young to be bridesmaids. They have an important role in the wedding, even though they may skip some duties and the bachelorette party.

Flower girls are the youngest in the bride’s escort and have little tasks like scattering flower petals on the wedding aisle while introducing the bride to the whole crowd.

All the important girls at your wedding should have one of these roles and most importantly, they will harmoniously complete each other

Can Junior Bridesmaids Throw Flowers?

It is your day, so you can do what you feel is best for your wedding.

Usually, junior bridesmaids have veils and bouquets similar to the bridesmaids. Sometimes, the junior bridesmaids’ bouquets are smaller than the ones for the bridesmaids.

But rules are meant to be broken. So if you like your junior bridesmaids to throw flowers down the aisle, just ask them to do so. They will be more than happy to do so.

what should my junior bridesmaid wear
White tulle dress

What Do Junior Bridesmaids Wear?

For your junior bridesmaids, you have two options: you either match their outfit with the bridesmaids or with the bride.

Usually, the junior bridesmaids and the bridesmaids have dresses in the same color scheme. The difference is that the junior bridesmaids cannot wear a revealing dress, which bridesmaids can – like a little scoop neckline is more appropriate instead of a V neckline.

Lace precious dresses
Lace precious dresses

Do Junior Bridesmaid Wear White Dresses?

There is no mistake if your junior bridesmaids wear white. If you choose to match your bridal gown with the junior bridesmaids, you will flatter the little girls for sure.

They will look adorable in an all white, angel dress. If you match their outfit with yours, the junior bridesmaids will feel they’re a step closer to their perfect wedding.

does junior bridesmaid need escort
Satin White dress for jr. bridesmaid

What Other Colors Can Junior Bridesmaids Wear?

For your junior bridesmaids, the color options are almost infinite.

If you don’t want them to match the bride’s dress, then go for a bright color. Just make sure it won’t be too much.

Gold, burgundy, navy are also very popular choices for junior bridesmaids.

From coral to red, or even ultraviolet – the color of 2018 – your girls will look stunning. Do keep in mind that your junior bridesmaids are still young, so their outfit should inspire & honor that. You can go for pink or navy dresses, and they can also wear a gorgeous pattern for the day.

what is the age range for junior bridesmaids
Black Floral Dress
what color should junior bridesmaids wear
Gorgeous Floral Dress
how young can a junior bridesmaid be
Red Burgundy Rose Dress

Perfect Styles for Junior Bridesmaids’ Dresses

There are few rules that will help you choose the perfect style for the dress:

Depending on your wedding’s theme, you can choose a vintage lace dress or maybe you want a rustic wedding and then you can dress them up accordingly.

As for the perfect length, junior bridesmaids can wear both long and short dresses, but make sure they are not too much. The dresses in these images have a proper length for their age.

where to find junior bridesmaid dresses
Mint Crystal Tulle Dress

You can choose the junior bridesmaid dress online, together!

How to Choose the Best Junior Bridesmaid’s Dress

You have the whole crew now, so the biggest challenge is to find the perfect dress. While looking for it, have some details in mind, otherwise, you will spend ages on that task.

Five rules for the Junior bridesmaid’s dress:

  1. Ask the girl and her parents if they agree with the dress. Tweens get picky and they will feel better if they can choose their outfit. And don’t forget about parents: they should have the last word for their daughters.
  2. Ask her opinion. During the research process, ask your future junior bridesmaid if she likes the dresses and if she has any suggestion for you.
  3. Choose according to the age. Your junior bridesmaids should match their dress with the bridesmaids or the bride, should respect the wedding theme, but most importantly, it must be an age-appropriate gown.
  4. Choose an elegant dress. Your wedding is a big reason for celebration and this kind of event asks for an elegant outfit.
  5. Make sure it ok for the season. Your girls must feel comfortable on the day, as their main focus would be to help you during the event. So if your wedding is during winter, don’t choose a dress with short sleeves. It also works the other way round: if your wedding is during summer, don’t pick an outfit that will make her feel hot all day.
where to get junior bridesmaid dresses
We know it is your day, but don’t forget to make her feel special!

Best High-Quality Materials for a Junior Bridesmaid’s Dress

Satin – you’ll be more creative with using satin for dresses because nowadays most of them are made of this fabric, and this gives you a lot of opportunities to play around a bit.

Tulle – if you wish that princess look for your wedding, tulle is the best choice for your junior bridesmaid, especially an elegant gown – it will fit perfectly with your favorite little girl.

Silk – although it tears easily and can be kind of expensive, too, silk is a nice choice for an outfit, because of its comfortable feeling and it also looks really great.

where can i find junior bridesmaid dresses
Champagne Lace Dress

What Do Junior Bridesmaids Carry with Them?

Traditionally, junior bridesmaids should carry a bouquet smaller than the bridesmaids, but the options are limitless.

Choose the accessories that fit your wedding. If you have a classical wedding, then a bouquet or a pomander is fit for the occasion.

does a junior bridesmaid need a partner
Bridesmaids and jr. bridesmaids can have the same accessories

If you have an unconventional wedding, you can opt for a basket, a floral hoop or even a little purse.

Don’t forget about the other accessories for your junior bridesmaids. Choose a floral headband to complete the little girls’ outfit.

does the junior bridesmaid wear the same dress
Choose a gorgeous headband for your girls

What Shoes Are the Best For a Junior Bridesmaid?

After the dress, choose a pair of junior bridesmaid shoes that will match it and that are very comfortable. She can even wear them before (around the house) to make sure she will feel OK wearing them a whole day.

tween jr bm shoes
White Bow Ankle Strap Shoes

Because she is not a baby girl anymore, you can indulge her to wear little heels. It can be her first pair of heels, so she will be grateful for them.

can junior bridesmaids wear white
Flat Champagne Shoes for Junior Bridesmaids

Who Pays for the Junior Bridesmaid Dress?

Usually, bridesmaids and junior bridesmaids pay for their own dresses, makeup, and accessories.

As the bride is fully involved in choosing the color and style, she can offer to pay or split the costs, as a way of appreciation for having the girls play an important role at the wedding.

So you can either ask the junior bridesmaid’s parent to pay for their outfit, split the cost or fully pay for their dresses. Keep in mind that most likely your junior bridesmaids don’t earn their own money yet, so it will be a nice gesture to pay for their dresses.

junior bridesmaid white dress
Sweet Tulle Dress with Floral Details

How to Ask a Tween to Be Your Junior Bridesmaid

A junior bridesmaid will be thrilled to be included alongside your main girls. She will love being a witness at your most special day.

If you’re asking what is the appropriate way to ask her to fill in this awesome role, it really depends on your relationship and her favorite things. You can combine those two in a nice asking technique.

A bouquet of balloons, a basket full of sweet edibles and a hidden card that gives her this important request, these are just a few starters for asking her to be your girl. You can be more creative, of course, because kids will love to get this attention from you and they will feel very special. Another idea? Think of it as a puzzle, or like an interactive game that will lure her into this cool role of THE junior bridesmaid.

how to ask junior bridesmaid
You can even make a handmade gift!

What Are the Junior Bridesmaid’s Duties and Rules?

Before the wedding, you can involve her in some age-appropriate events like ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Also, you can invite her to your bridal shower and let her help your bridesmaids with assembling favors and participate in games. The bachelorette party should be a no-go for your junior bridesmaids.

If you are really close to your junior bridesmaid, ask her to help you with other duties like dress shopping and cake tasting.

During your wedding, junior bridesmaid will walk down the aisle, and maybe help you pass out the gifts for your guests (if you offer gifts).

What to Get the Junior Bridesmaid for a Gift?

The first and only rule when you shop for the junior bridesmaids’ gift is to have in mind that you must treat them equally and that none of the girls should feel like others got a better gift. You can opt for the same gift for everybody or different gifts that match their personality.

There are a lot of ideas about the gifts, but most of them are a tote with their initials on it (that have small things like a candle and a picture frame inside), necklaces and bracelets.

what to get a junior bridesmaid for a gift
She will love any kind of accessories

If you have no idea what to buy, you can simply give them something they will use like a gift card. Another option is to set a budget and then shop for each pretty lady like it is their birthday.

lace up junior bridesmaid dresses
In the end, they will love your gift!

Where to Find Affordable Junior Bridesmaids Dresses, Shoes and Accessories?

Your wedding is just around the corner and you still have a lot of tasks on the list? Don’t worry! Now you know everything about your junior bridesmaids. Pick the right outfits for your girls, make them feel special and comfortable at the same time.

Discover our latest collection of junior bridesmaids dresses, beautiful shoes, headbands and more. You are now one step closer to the big day!


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