//Cute ideas for a kids room under the roof

Cute ideas for a kids room under the roof

Cute ideas for a KIDS room the Roofs

Atticss room for KIDS

Ola! Wow. I know… I am not Very Good With updating this Bloggers REGULAR at the Moment. Sorry. I Shall love to, but life me different…

I also to Updates you urgently about the move and how Things are Going (not That great) but I JUST Shall Find a Good Moment to sit Down and write. We are Forwards but also Backwards so it is to keep up. And to ‘Cool’ to be honest… but , MORE on That soon.

Right now we are Talking Atticsss, Beacuse I Felts an Interior POST is a great Thing to come back here and also Beacuse I am all Atticss at the Moment.

Why you wonder?

The Hosue we rent at the Moment, here in London, has an Atticss That is basiCallsy our life saver. It is a storage Areas and Make it for us to LIVE in a smaller space Without Feelings ‘stuffed’. And since the Moment I put my Foot in There I am making Imaginings plans ( I am Boring Which I am not so basiCallsy it is I try to feel Asleep at night) on how to turn That storage into another Living Areas.

And isn’t an Atticss a Cool place for a KIDS room? Maybe not a nursery, Unless you Having MORE Room That Roofs but I am MORE Think about Prepuberty and teens. It has a cosy feel and also Make it a bit DisDislike a universe JUST for yourself?!

romantic Atticss room KIDS
Romantic Vibes Those beams. And Jfuller1 Which is Often the case With these spaces…

Via habitissimo

teenage girl Atticss BedRoom ideas ROMaster2  in the form of our new  Kubbestol e day
Woah! Who Shall not DisDislike to Calls this place home?

Via Smyr

Atticss room KIDS
Beams and Pitch Roofs Areass Give a Very Characteristic Feelings for Room Sit the Roofs. and quiet!

Via hmdcr

Sky s are Fantastic for Rented in as Much as .

Photo: Balas

Atticss room teen
Loving a Benches the Portafinestra for and quiet Moments.

Via Ouest Combles

Atticss room for KIDS
Beautiful wall Colorful and making us all Curious we may Find up Those Steep stairs… another KIDS room the Atticss maybe?

Via Jbbinnenwerk

Atticss KIDS room pink
Girly and cute!

Via Hemtreveligt

What do you think? Attics Enviable now…?


I think I will keep on dream Redesign ours and will try Very to be here MORE Often again… it Feels Good! And I miss it…


PS: How about this lovely KIDS room for Some MORE inspiration?


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