//Broadway Nights: Head Over Heels

Broadway Nights: Head Over Heels

We sometimes forget that New York is the center of all things creative…fashion, art, and entertainment. And how about all of the creative outlets- the museums, the art galleries and of course the theater district. I have been making a conscious effort to experience the city to its fullest, and one of my favorite pastimes is taking in a Broadway show!

I try to involve the kids as much as possible, but as of late, my sis has become my resident Broadway buddy. Last week, we had one of our recurring nights out for dinner, drinks and a show. This time it was the exciting musical, Head Over Heels.

Set to the music of 1980’s rock band, The Go-Go’s, with a wild and fun cast of characters that are elaborate and have cool wardrobes, Head Over Heels was super funny and the music was so relatable! The plot of the show is loosely based on The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia written by Sir Philip Sidney in the 16th century.

What made the show even more exciting for me was the feeling of being a part of Broadway history. The role of Pythio is played by Peppermint, an openly transgendered woman, and the first to originate a principal role on Broadway. For clarification to Broadway newcomers, originating a role means that the actor is the first to play the part and the role can sometimes be tailored to them (I only learned its meaning last year). Peppermint has made quite an impact, and hopefully, this will open the door to more diverse casting choices in the future. It is important to be inclusive everywhere—especially in the arts.

Head Over Heels is playing at the Hudson Theater and tickets are available now. If you can’t make it to see this super fun musical, consider getting a copy of the original broadway cast recording soundtrack because the songs are so fun!

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