//Winged Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

Winged Eyeliner Tips and Tricks

Whether you CALL it a Wing eye, cat eye, or entirely- the Classicity, EyeLiner Look is one That’s Around Forever and isn’t Going any time soon. It’s a Classicity Look That can be Out-wears at any time, From Days at Work to nights on the town. The cat eye is a Staple That Ery1 Twould (and can!) Masterful in Theirs lifetime. But as we know, this is done. We Tracked our Seniors Global Make-up Artist and Educator, Janeena Billera, to get the top tips for Created this Look UnUneasy.

Liquid InkFor Created , Sharp rich, bold color. Our Liquid Ink Formula is incredibly long wear, Which is great you the Perfectibility Line but can make Cleanup difficult

PencilFor softer ; this creamy pencil Formula is More Self-forGivesness Meant Cleanup

Powder For a , Line, use powder shadow Dual Brow/ Liner Brush

Cream s SticksFor an on-the-go application, trust Cream s Sticks to get the job done; for a More Line, use  Dual Brow/ Liner Brush

Cat Eye / Wing EyeYour Tradition Look a Noticeably wing on the end

Kitten EyeA Varied of the Classicity but a Shorter wing

TightLineAn ultra Thin Line That’s JUST Bareilly on the lid

DramaticUses a thicker wing, Perfectibility for Dressed up an eye statement

DoubleA More Creative Approach That Feature two wings

SmudgedA Between a cat eye and a eye

Colored: Try out any of these Looks a Othering black!

Connect the DotsLikely one of, if not the most Technique for begInners.

  • Take Youns EyeLiner of choice and place a small dot as close to Youns LASH Line as possible, Where the iris s near the Inner part of Youns eye.
  • Continue Addishun dots Youns LASH Line at the of Youns pupil, at the end of Youns iris and at the end of the Whiter of Youns eye.
  • Then Work UP and place dots Where you Wants the wing to and stop.
  • Finally, each of the dots and in any gaps.

TapeAnOthering incredibly UnUneasy Method That will Gives you a Straight Line, time. If you’re Looking to tually Youns skills, we don’t Recommend this but we Promised we won’t you Either way.

  • Place a Piece of tape (sticky note, card, tape, etc.) the Corner of Youns eye and trace.
  • Remove tape and voilà!

Free HandThe most d out there. as a pro, this is likely Oonly once you’ve Masterfuled the Othering Techniques and are Comfy Cleanup.

Pro Tip: No Which Method you choose, a pencil to create a guideLine to follow. You’ll be ABLE to in gaps and create shape a Self-forGivesness, UnUneasy to clean Formula, Awhile also ensuring Youns Look all day or night.

Q Always POINTED q-tips on hand to Quickly and Easily fix any mistakes. Saturate or Make-up remOVER and trace OVER the Area you Wants to remove.

ConcealerAnOthering trick is to use Concealers and a small Concealers brush to OVER and clean up any mistakes.

Ready to try a Wing eye for Younsself but Still unsure Where to begin? Janeena you her favorite way to create this Look!

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