//Why You Should Choose Synthetic Brushes

Why You Should Choose Synthetic Brushes

For many years, makeup artists regularly chose natural hair brushes for their ability to place product with precision and ease. Synthetic hair brushes were predominantly used for liquid and cream products but an artists go-to for everything else was natural.

Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF 18

Over time, materials evolved and makeup artists realized the quality of synthetic bristles had drastically improved. Likewise, Glo Skin Beauty and several other brands realized that there are many more benefits to using man made bristles. As of 2018, Glo’s brush category is completely synthetic, using Polybutylene Terephthalate or PBT. We chose PBT because of its very high quality and very soft fiber. PBT ensured our new brushes would have the same luxurious and soft feel as their natural hair counterparts.

Still not ready to hand over your natural hair brushes? Let’s take a look at our top reasons for choosing synthetic brushes below!

Cruelty Free

Dual Foundation/ Camouflage Brush

As a PETA-approved, Beauty without Bunnies company, you should expect nothing less. CEO Jerry Wenker states, “Glo is committed to responsible behavior, holding true to the highest values and ethical standards in everything we do,” and our brush line is no exception. By completely avoiding any animal-derived products in our brushes, we avoid any accidental instance of using animal by-products in an incorrect way.


Detail Shader Brush

Natural brushes contain natural hair, which can lead to allergic reactions from many users. Although synthetic brushes can also cause allergic reactions, it is much less common. Additionally, synthetic brushes do not shed nearly as often as natural brushes and lower the risk of product contamination. Manufacturers have much more control over their product and can more easily prevent and limit the potential defects when they’re the ones creating the hairs instead of relying on nature to do so.

Product Absorption

Detail Blender Eye Brush

A major pro of natural brushes is their ability to hold onto product but this is also one of their biggest cons. Natural hair is porous, meaning it holds onto product forever, meaning wasted product and more frequent thorough cleanings. With synthetic brushes, there is no cuticle, so products aren’t absorbed into the fibers. Product readily slides off the bristles when cleaned, as opposed to staying locked into natural hairs. You’ll end up saving money over time because you’ll use less product with each application.

Bristle Shape

Precision Lip Brush

One of the top reasons for choosing natural hair brushes is because of their fluffiness and ability to blend. Previously, it was hard to find a synthetic brush whose bristles puffed out instead of gravitating in towards one another. For precise brushes, like the Detail Shader or Dual Brow/Liner, this brush structure is perfect but for fluffier brushes, like a powder or eye blender, not so much. This is why we created our line of Dual Fiber brushes, which combine short and long bristles. The short bristles help puff out the brush head, giving you that fluffy, airy feeling you’re used to. Check out our favorite Dual Fiber brushes, Dual Fiber Face and Dual Fiber Eye, to see how you can achieve a lightweight and seamlessly blended look.

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