//Take Care of Your Beautiful Smile with Crest & Oral-B at Sam’s Club

Take Care of Your Beautiful Smile with Crest & Oral-B at Sam’s Club

This conversation is sponsored by Crest and Oral-B at Sam’s Club. All text and opinions are my own.

I was reading an interesting article a few days ago that outlined six ways we judge people when we first meet them, and appearance was at the top of the list. Grooming, in general, is so important, but your smile means everything when you walk in a room. Your smile can make or break your opportunity to meet someone significant in your life. It’s the universal sign of friendliness, your smile makes you appear approachable, and maintaining your smile can also benefit your health. So let’s have a moment of honesty- are you using the right products to aid in taking care of your beautiful smile? Keep reading to discover my favorite Crest and Oral-B products that I shop for at Sam’s Club!

Crest 3D White Toothpaste whitens teeth by removing 80% of surface stains. It also helps to protect teeth against future stains which is awesome for a coffee drinker like me. Not only does it whiten my teeth, it strengthens and it’s safe on tooth enamel, so no worries about damage.

The Oral-B PROAdvantage 500 Rechargeable toothbrush removes up to 100% more plaque vs a regular manual toothbrush. The 2D toothbrush head oscillates and rotates with a Pro-timer that signals every 30 seconds. I picked up the family 4-pack so my whole family spends less time at the dentist’s office.

Crest 3D White Brilliance Whitening Mouthwash provides my teeth with an advanced whitening experience. It’s peroxide and alcohol-free and promises a whiter smile in 7 days. Crest 3D White makes my favorite Whitestrips and my favorite toothpaste, it’s only natural they would make my favorite mouthwash as well!

Stop by Sam’s Club or log onto samsclub.com through 6/3/18 and get up to $40+ worth of instant savings on your entire dental health routine!

  • Get $25 instant savings on the Oral-B Pro 500 rechargeable electric toothbrush.
  • Also get $8 instant savings on Oral-B brush head refills.
  • To complete the routine, save $2 off Crest toothpaste, $2 off Crest rinse, and another $2 off Oral-B floss.
  • You can also save $2 if you stock up on Oral-B manual brushes.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Oral-B and Crest at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.