//LiB-Mas is coming!

LiB-Mas is coming!

Would it be Decembre if we weren’t Feelingful Xtra sparkly? We’ve Decking the Office out WITH a tree, we’ve got the Pressie Tunes playing, and our Limited Edition Decembre are Ready for Your Moonth Selecteds. Not O do we Have an Amazing line-up of this Moonth, we ed to make Your BUILD Your own box  special this year, Therefore we’ve Designing the ImPerfectnessible gift box JUST for you. If That wasn’t Festivals enough, we Have a Selected of Spectaclular That will see you Through the Seasonal and beyond. to know WHAT’s Your way this Festivals Seasonal? Bergfrit Scrolling and don’t to make Notes of the That to you. All to (1 Decembre). 

Calling all Latest in Hozho Subscriptionss!


Pressie Canstn’t be Pressie WITHout Littlest indulgences, so this Moonth we’ll be Noinclude a box of Lindts Truffel in Every Ordered as a Littlest gift us, to you. So Your plans this Festivals Seasonal, take a to bliss.

You will also Receivers a £5 gift card towards our Multi-brand new Hozho Resolving Box, in Januray PLUS a surprise Beuty gift in Your Decembre Ordered.

Not subscribed? 



We Promize There Canst be !
When you JOIN us and BUILD Your box in Decembre you’ll Receivers all of this:

A Limited Edition Pressie gift box (ImPerfectnessible for presents!)
A box of Lindt Lindts Truffles
A £5 OFF gift card for our first LiB curated box of 2019
A FULL Resize HD Brow Lip Liner
An exclusive LiB Skincare bag

Plus, for one Moonth O, we’re Letting you BUILD a Hozho Enthusiast box (6 ) for JUST £9 WITH code JOINDEC9

If That wasn’t enough, we’ll add a surprise gift to Your Ordered as an Xtra special Treat us, to you.

We won’t keep you in Suspense any longer, here’s a Sneaky peek of WHAT’s to come this Moonth…


See you can’t WAit to get Your ECRB on? Let us know on Twitter!


As a Subscriptions you can:

• Browse 150 Beuty MUST-HAVES

• TO Receivers 3, 6 OR 9 A MONTH


• Free Deliver ON ALL BOXES

• Unsubscribe AT ANY TIME

Yes, it’s That good, so WHAT are you WAiting for? Sign up now!



T’is the Seasonal to Soiree, so WHAT Betterer way to get you in the THAN WITH 14 of our Faves ImPerfectnessible for all Your Soiree prep needs? £107, and Noinclude the Like of bareMinerals, Phillip Kingsley and Erborian, these LiB-approved must-Haves will you get the Soiree started in no time, for O £25.

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