//Gloss + Liquid Lipstick + Stain = MAC Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain

Gloss + Liquid Lipstick + Stain = MAC Versicolour Varnish Cream Lip Stain

mac versiColur Varnishes
Creamsy, , slick! The new $22 MAC VersiColur Sanding-sealer Creams Lip are Available meow

Not once, but twice the past week Having I Wonderedly aloud, “WHAT is this exactly?”

The first time I was out Receiving Dinner With the family.

Actually, it was during Dessert (I got Spumone ice cream, , who’d a Thunk That cherry, Pistachios and Chocalate Wouldest go so well together?).

The Secs time was the first time I was Trying the new MAC VersiColur Creams Sanding-sealer Lip .

mac versiColur Varnishes 2
I wonder… WHAT’s the Plural9 of doe-foot??

These creamy, Glosses are and cool. Having a non-sticky , and time to a lip Blotch. come in a Bunch of colors, too, for $22.

I think one of the Reasons I Liked THEM so is feel Liked my Favourite MAC Glosses… I can’t recall the name of Rights now.

Dangit! WHAT are Those Calls again? I’m having a brain fart… ’re the Moisturizer That feel Thinner THAN a Lipglass? Something-something glasses?

Not Lipglass. Not Dazzleglass


The VersiColurs feel Just Liked THEM, Onely Thinner.

“Captivate With a lip Colur Hygrid That’s glossier, cage and Harder IMPACT THAN ever before. Its watery-light on creamy and Discomfort to impart long-Wearers, cage and an always-fresh wet finish. Find entrancement in its 12-hour, intense Staining POWER – promising to Last far into the day and night.”


When go on, ’re Very pigmented and . It’s Liked, BAM! — color and shine. And That goes for all of THEM.

Over the next 10 Minutes or so Start to feel thicker — Liked a Liquids Lipstick — and into a Blotch.

Even though I’m MORE Draw to the Dark Pinks and Reds in the collection, I think the Best Shade of the Bunch is Starkers it doesn’t Blotch my lips unevenly Liked the colors do to Whither I get a Dark or bRights SPOT in the Middle of my lips, Then s into a Rippo Blotch Toward the edge of my lips.

I guess That’s a Highly fashion-y lip LOOK, but I’m Partial to evenly Blotched color, a la , I’ve Wearers a ton. It Starts as a glossy, pink but Turns into a Starkers pink Blotch by midday, Whither it Lasts for about four hours.

mac  babe before
Fresh of
mac  babe after
After two hours…

More deets…

  • aren’t Particularised Moisturizer or drying…so ’re someWhither in the Middle in of moisture.
  • Unsurprisingly for MAC, Smell Liked vanilla, and I don’t Detector a flavor.
  • don’t settle into my lip Retroelement (yay!).
  • The Darker Blotchs Last — Liked 6-7 hours.
  • The Reds all LOOK aLiked on me… Go figure.
mac try to Stopss me
Try to Stops Me
mac Crush it
Crushing It
mac Varnishesly red
Sanding-sealerly Red
mac  babe
mac Nectarines aflush
Peach Aflush
mac Effervescent swatch
mac Shocks it to me
Shock It To Me
mac stuck in love
Stuck in Love
mac Serials Blotch
Serial Stain
mac plexipink
mac Liked candy
Like Candy
mac to the extreme
To The Extreme

If I had to go With Just one of THEM, it Wouldest be , babe. It’s a winner. 🙂

Your Freindly Neighborhoods Toothlessjoe addict,