//Celebrity Skincare Secrets at Verabella Spa in Beverly Hills

Celebrity Skincare Secrets at Verabella Spa in Beverly Hills

Verabella Spa Beverly Hills Pre-wedding Facial Review

Best Beverly Hills Facial – Verabella Spa

I can’t believe my Scotland castle wedding is in just over a week! I’m just finishing up my wedding beauty prep appointments and I’m hopping on a plane VERY soon. I had two AMAZING facials at one of my all time favorite cruelty free day spas in Beverly Hills, Verabella Spa. I had the first one about a week ago, and then the second one yesterday, right before we leave for our trip to the UK. The first facial is to get in there, do extractions, clean everything out, and the second one is more of a touch-up and lift right before the big event.

Verabella is named after the owner, Vera Kantor, who has been perfecting Hollywood celebrity faces for over 30 years. She loves concocting beauty elixirs based on her Russian grandmother’s recipes, and you can buy many of them in the spa. Her daughter, Victoria, is the spa director, and she’s just awesome. She’s so friendly and welcoming – it makes you want to keep coming back!

Verabella Spa 90 Minute Lift and Glow Treatment Facial

I think what sets Verabella Spa apart from others is the philosophy of marrying natural ingredients created by mother nature with the latest skincare technology. Some spas are very clinical and there’s no ambiance whatsoever, and some are so hippy dippy that your skin may not be getting the best treatment. Verabella is comfortably in the middle, and it’s exactly what I prefer. When you get a facial at Verabella, you’ll get soothing music, relaxing infrared light, a big comfy bed to relax in, lots of facial and upper back massage with essential oils, hand massage and hand warmers, and gentle aestheticians. But, you also get effective skincare products, microcurrent, high frequency, microdermabrasion, and other proven skincare technologies.

Oh and there are TONS of celebrities who come to Verabella to keep their skin clear and glowing. I’ve heard that Kerry Washington, Diane Lane, Emma Roberts, and Denzel Washington’s family are all regulars (among many others). There are also a lot of entertainment industry behind-the-scenes types who frequent this spa because they work with celebs and they know how great the facials are.

Verabella Spa 90 Minute Lift and Glow Treatment Facial with MicroCurrent Lift

I had the 90 minute Lift and Glow Treatment facial. This is how they describe it: “Our Lift & Glow Facial is a unique culmination of our 2 most popular & effective treatments, The Instant Lift & MicroDiamondbrasion — combined to produced even better results! Our instant facelift stimulates, tightens and tones facial contours, while the mircoderm polishes skin and gives you an a long-lasting glow. The results are incredible! Improve circulation, hydration, and decrease fine lines, pigmentation and acne scars.”

My aesthetician, Rica, was so sweet and did everything you’d expect in a facial and waaaaay more in this 90 minute pamper-fest. She did lots of steam, cleansing and scrubbing, a pumpkin peel, microdermabrasion (yaaas – exfoliate those pores!), extractions (not painful like other places I’ve been to), microcurrent (which I’m obsessed with because it instantly – albeit temporarily – lifts your face as if you’ve had Botox while encouraging collagen production!), high frequency (to kill bacteria), and a rose petal mask topped with gauze and paraffin to go deep into my skin.

Verabella Microcurrent Before and After

Here’s a before and after pic (sorry for the low quality camera pics) – it may be subtle to you, but I can see a huge difference in how LIFTED my face looks. My brows were much higher after the microcurrent treatment, and look at my hooded eyes – the hood is much less droopy! The effects of microcurrent can last from a few days to a week, so most people get them done before a big event. But the treatment also has long-term benefits, which is why some people get them done weekly! Oh and in case you’re wondering – it doesn’t hurt – you basically get a facial massage with two metal probes, and there’s no sound and no feeling whatsoever (no zap or anything like that).

Verabella Spa Skincare

Rica also used Verabella’s house skincare line which I can say is really top notch. I used to buy her Aloe Tea Tree Oil Healing Gel back in the day, and honestly I have no idea why I stopped (I think I just forgot about it because I get so overwhelmed with samples to review). So needless to say, I bought myself a new bottle to keep the acne away and hydrate before the wedding and during my travels. It’s a great all-around hydrating and acne-fighting product, but it’s also very soothing, so I use it before working out (instead of moisturizer) and after facial treatments like waxing or threading or lasers.

In case you missed it, I published a wedding beauty guide that explains when to do treatments like this (and how close to do them before the wedding or other big event). If you go see Vera, Victoria, Rica, Rachel or the gang at Verabella (and you should), tell them Jen from My Beauty Bunny said hi!