//Best Farmers Markets in Los Angeles

Best Farmers Markets in Los Angeles

where to find the best farmers markets in los angeles

Where to Find the Best Farmer’s Markets in Los Angeles

Farmer’s markets have SO much to offer. When you’re looking for something to do on a sunny weekend afternoon, the market is the place to be. Keep reading, to learn more about three farmers markets located either in Los Angeles proper or a short distance away. Food and fun await you!

Brentwood Farmers Market 

This Farmers Market stands out from others in the area, and has become a staple destination for many. The focus on family-oriented fun and activities makes this an ideal market to visit for families with children of all ages.

While this kid-friendly market has a petting zoo as well as a moonbounce to entertain the little ones, that’s not all the Brentwood Market is known for. It boasts a rotation of over 200 vendors ranging from food trucks to produce, as well as a collection of unique vendors like the pure dog food vendor and another who specializes in seafood.

If you’re hungry but you don’t want to wait until you get home to cook up all of your farmer’s market goodies, you can grab a quick bite from one of the many excellent, independently-owned food trucks located around the marketplace.

Here you’ll find food truck vendors featuring authentic Thai cuisine, hot cocoa and tasty treats like fruit sorbet and kettle corn. A visit to the Brentwood Farmers Market is an easy way to turn your family outing into a fun learning experience with your kids, teaching them the importance of buying local, getting them involved in meal preparation and getting them excited about eating fresh and healthy meals.

Santa Monica Farmers Market

One of the most popular Farmers Market’s in Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Farmers Market has been the go-to market for locals for over 30 years. Established in 1981, the market has become well-known for their extremely diverse selection of high-quality fruits and vegetables, thanks to the hard work of the 180 or so local farmers who regularly vendor there.

While you can find rare and hard to find produce like varieties of mulberries or nante carrots at this particular market, you may also find many local vendors of artisanal foods like baked goods and small batch cheeses, as well as vendors of meats and fresh seafood.

The Original Farmers Market 

Favorited by both locals and tourists, the iconic Original Farmers’ Market is a famous landmark teeming with a rich history and considered to be the first farmer’s market in Los Angeles. It makes sense, right?

It came to be in 1934, when farmers made a deal with landowners to start selling their produce from the backs of landowner trucks. The market is set up almost like a small village, and in fact, even has their own post office.

The old timey signs and architecture make it an ideal place to explore as you shop with the local vendors. It is also one of the few farmer’s markets open seven days a week, which is great news for visitors who come to explore over 100 restaurants, unique shops and grocers in the market!

This farmer’s market often hosts events and activities like the annual fall festival, free concerts and even food tastings with local vendors. You won’t find the largest selection of produce here, but you’ll find a lot more shops and eateries, along with live music in the evenings. It’s definitely a hot spot for tourists, and you can do some additional shopping at The Grove while you’re there. Whether you’ve lived in Los Angeles for your whole life, or you’re just passing through, a visit to the Original Farmers’ Market is a worthwhile trip. One you won’t soon forget!

I also really like the Larchmont Farmers Market (if you’re local to the area), and there’s a new one on La Brea (in the parking lot for SweetGreen, which has awesome salads) that is small, but great for locals. When you’re in search of some of the freshest (healthiest) food available, why not plan a visit to one of these fantastic farmer’s markets. You never know what yummy goodies you’ll find.