I was recently invited down to Galway to sample some of what the city has to offer. I absolutely love Galway and have never had a bad time there. It has such a buzz about it and when the sun shines, it is like a little bit of magic is in the air.

A few weeks ago myself and my husband got a rare night away to enjoy what Galway had on offer. Throughout the day, there were appointments set up for me to meet different businesses in the Galway area to see what was on offer.

Anti Wrinkle Galway

My first meeting of the day was with Martin from Anti Wrinkle Galway. Martin specialises in injectable treatments to help with the signs of ageing. I personally haven’t got any work done and while I don’t think I will ever get anything done, the phrase “never say never” springs to mind. I was however very intrigued to see what Martin would say, as am often sceptical that some cosmetic Doctors will always find something needing doing.

Anti Wrinkle Galway is based out in Moycullen just outside Galway. They provide anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. Ìt is hard for me to recommend somewhere that I haven’t tried the service but I will say that it seemed to me that Dr Martin was not going to inject something into someone just for the sake of it. I asked him what work he could do on me and he said that he honestly couldn’t see anything! I specifically asked about getting my lips done, as I am at an age that I am losing volume but he told me that the size and shape of my lips suited me perfectly and getting them done just wouldn’t suit me. That said a lot to me!

Anti Wrinkle Galway is also a stockist for the skinceuticals range. Skinceuticals is a brand that I think doesn’t get enough attention. I have their gentle cleanser in my routine already and have added in a few more including and SPF!! You can find out more about Ant Wrinkle Galway here.

Barry’s Hair and Beauty

Next up was a little bit of pampering. It is actually an age since I have had my makeup done by someone else. I think it could have been my sisters wedding in May 2017 but it is something that I love doing. I tend to do my makeup the same way a lot so I love when someone else does it as I give them full control. Avril is the in-house makeup artist in Barrys and I relinquished all control to her and let her use any colours etc that she wanted. I loved the look at it lasted all night!

I had a curly blow-dry in Barrys too. It was lovely and bouncy without looking too set! It lasted a few days too. Deborah did my blow dry.

Barrys is located on shop street and has hair, nails and makeup in the one spot so if you’re away for a weekend, you don’t need to be legging half way around Galway to get everything done. You can find all of Barrys Hair and Beauty Salon’s Details here.

The Health and Nutrition Coach

One of the main reasons I was invited to Galway was to visit Yvonne, the Health and Nutrition Coach. As many of you known I have no thyroid. This has a big impact on my day to day life. It effects my energy levels, weight, hair, skin and so much more. I also have some other things going on with my health that Yvonne specialises in that I wanted to talk to her about. I would rather keep that part private though.

Over the years due to ill health, I have had so many different drugs put into my body. I am on a lot of different medication too that  over the past 18 months or so, I have started to investigate more holistic therapies to work alongside my mediation. One thing to note is I have zero qualification in this area. Any information I give you here is from my own experience and I would always recommend doing your own research or contacting Yvonne yourself to find out if this is something that suits you. This is something I am trying for myself and it might be different  for others.

Yvonne is a nutritionist that offers a number of different consultations to help you with your health need. I was going for help with my weight, over all health and one other things that as I said I am going to keep private for now. Yvonne started with a little bit of Iridology. Iridology is the study of the eyes to find out what is going on with your body. Yvonne was able to tell a lot about my body from looking at the markings on my eyes. Using this information she was able to see what my body was lacking and where it needed support with my diet.

Yvonne also did a food intolerance test. This is where she took a small sample of blood and was able to tell me what foods are making my body work a little bit harder. I have already started to cut out a number of these foods and I am 100% feeling my energy levels rise. I don’t feel as bloated and I am beginning to sleep better.

Finally she made me up a tonic to help me with the issue I want to keep private at the moment. I am no gonna lie the tonic tastes rotten but if it works, I would drink it 10 times over. Only time will tell on this one.

Yvonne has got very strong reviews from people on her facebook page and I genuinely found her very good. These types of holistic approaches to health are not for everyone but it seems to be working for me so I am just gonna keep at it. Yvonne is also extremely lovely and really listens to what you have to say and what you want. You can find all her details on her facebook page here.

Dillisk on the Docks

For dinner we were invited to Dillisk on the Docks and I have to say the food was beautiful!!! There was a super selection on the menu and the service was excellent. It also wasn’t manic busy which I liked. Dillisk would actually be a super venue for a group away for a weekend looking for somewhere that can cater for a big group for dinner. They are a very close walk to the bars and it is lovely and spacious.

After dinner we went to a new Gin bar called Hyde. They have a serious selection of Gin on offer but don’t worry cause they have normal drinks there too if you’re not a gin drinker. It seems that this is the place to be in Galway as it was packed. There was also a serious amount of instagram husbands / boyfriends knocking about having to take a multitude of pictures of their partners for the perfect instagram shot. I even spotted one instagram wife/girlfriend!!

Like always we had a fabulous day and night in Galway. I am always so appreciative of opportunities like this and it is great to be able to showcase businesses that aren’t based in Dublin!